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1 - Which Frederick wrote 'The Day Of the Jackal'?
2 - What type of Power symbolised the 1967 peace and love festivals?
3 - Which sportsmen asked for extra fees for televised matches in 1956?
4 - Whose catchphrase was, 'Heavens to Murgatroyd'?
5 - Which nanny did Julie Andrews win an Oscar for playing?
6 - What nationality was the first post-war Tour de France rider to reach the Arc de Triomphe?
7 - What did paranoid Saddam Hussein make British journalists remove before he'd shake hands with them?
8 - Who is the only cricketer to score 501 in first class cricket?
9 - Which saint is the heaviest breed of dog named after?
10 - He invented the most common projection for world maps.

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