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1 - Who wrote 'Pilgrim's Progress'?
2 - Which was the first British soccer side to win the European Cup?
3 - What word is used for a male ass? (Other than that the word used for that #*$^*&#%@! ex-boyfriend..
4 - What did Stone Roses have a hit with in the singular that charted for Paul McCartney in the plural?
5 - Carol Hersey was once the most seen person on British TV. Where did she appear?
6 - Which exclamation, that Archimedes probably never actually made, gave its name to the college Ronnie Reagan attended?
7 - Which city's Metropolitan Hotel witnessed the death of Billie Holiday?
8 - Under what name did Samuel Clemens write?
9 - Called hood in America, what's this part of the car called in the UK?
10 - Who blasted to the top of the charts with Atomic?

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