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1 - What is done to a herring to make it into a kipper?
2 - Which European country joined the USA and Switzerland in making the 1988 tests on the Turin Shroud?
3 - The lack of this element in the diet is a cause of goitre.
4 - Which trad jazzer had the biggest UK hit version of A Taste of Honey?
5 - Which planet was the 'Planet of the Apes'?
6 - Which asteroid, named after a mythological figure, is the only one known to approach the sun closer than Mercury?
7 - Is a Spotted Dick usually eaten hot or cold?
8 - Which sea lies between Italy and the former Yugoslavia?
9 - In which National Park would hikers be wandering lonely as a cloud if they spied Wordsworth's daffodils?
10 - Which 'famous first' is attributed to asparagus in Britain?

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