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1 - What does TUC stand for?
2 - What is the nest of an eagle called?
3 - Which former 'EastEnders' and 'Heartbeat' star had a hit with 'Every Loser Wins' in 1986?
4 - The molten material from a volcano is ________?
5 - What is the name of BBC 1's long-running Saturday night soccer show?
6 - What was the nationality of athlete Emil Zatopek?
7 - Which Geordie played for England and managed the Republic of Ireland?
8 - This is the largest of the deer family.
9 - Who lost his parliamentary seat and was given the Governorship of Hong Kong?
10 - How is Jack Lemmon's co-star in 'The Odd Couple', Walter Matasschanskavasky better known?

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